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The central cause of the subsistence of the Quran Learning Center/ Mohammadia Madrasha (a non-profit organization), Inc. (QLC/Madrasha) is to make available for the children and adults of the Detroit inner city community a place for worship, Islamic education cultural activities, as well as after school, weekends and summer programs. The Madrasha would also serve as a means to home schooling. It is a firm belief of this institution that by the children being aggressively involved in an activity, they are incapable of wasting their time and being involved in other useless quests, such as wandering the streets. It is a duty of all parents both morally and ethically to educate their children properly. No parent can give a better a gift to their children than education. Helping the unprivileged in the advancement of education, lessening of neighborhood tensions, elimination of prejudice and discrimination and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency is our aspiration.